All we wanted were simple and timeless dinner napkins, but found ourselves limited to kitschy, over-designed options. So we created the Gallery Linen Napkin, a modern napkin with just enough style to help you class up your table without feeling too fancy. Perfect for casual lunches and dinners, but adaptable enough for nice meals alone or with friends.  


  • 90% Linen, 10% Cotton; 20" x 20"
  • Rolled Hem Stitched for a Durable Bold Outline
  • 3 Colorways: Pewter, White and Olive; Mix & Match for Complementary Style
  • Designed in Seattle; Made in China 


  • Naturally Stain Resistant -- Machine Wash & Machine or Hang Dry
  • Will Shrink About 6% Upon First Machine Dry
  • Iron for Smooth Finish or Leave with Natural Linen Wrinkles
  • Spot clean grease stains with high grade dish soap and boiling water
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